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We are committed to selling cutting-edge, effective, and affordable washroom supplies to businesses like yours. Our range of appliances and dispensers is always growing as we continue to deliver you the best in hand dryers, soap dispensers, baby changing tables, and more for your commercial bathroom.

Our diligent management and work ethic are central to delivering consistent, quality service. We strive for perfection and creating long-lasting relationships, all our clients have access and interaction with our managing directors.

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We have been supplying businesses around the UK with the finest quality products for over 30 years. We are famous for providing strategic solutions that cover every possible aspect of your business. We believe in building strong, long-lasting relationships with all our customers and providing 100% customer satisfaction.

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Mats are often the dirtiest part of your building. The build-up of water, dirt, twigs and leaves will eventually lead to mould and rot. Mats are there to protect your interior. But as our Mum always told us: “You need to clean the things that keep things clean!”

Our printed logo mats provide an attractive way to greet visitors on your premises, customised with your logo, image or message. Whether you're an office, retail store, hotel, school, college, or sports club these mats keep the dirt out of your building, making the right first impression.

Use rubber mats to provide better grip and stability for pedestrians. Rubber matting can be layed out on site quickly and easily. They are commonly used for walkways, entrances, workstations and more. The rubber material of the matting provides better footing for pedestrians. Most rubber mats come with holes in the surface to allow for drainage of rainwater, work materials etc. Indoor rubber matting can be used for anti-fatigue purposes. When used at workstations they can relieve pressure on employees’ feet.
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